A help desk ticketing system is key for improving the management of an expanding business. A well-implemented help desk ticketing system streamlines communication and gives an improved overview of the problem, who reported it and its priority.

What is a help desk ticketing system? How does it work? What are the benefits of a help desk ticketing system? We’ll answer all of these burning questions, so you can judge for yourself if your business would benefit from the system.

What Is a Help Desk Ticketing System?

A helpdesk ticketing system is a program that allows companies to resolve issues and tasks efficiently by automating the complaint resolution process with assigned tickets. It provides the automation tools needed to create, track and manage support tickets as well as improve how tickets are organised and categorised.

What Are the Benefits of a Help Desk Ticketing System?

Help desk ticketing software benefits businesses by organising, prioritising and consolidating support requests. This allows businesses to be quick in assigning support tickets to the most relevant people and resolving inquiries.

Investing in dedicated help desk and task management software ensures that your internal systems are equipped to expand seamlessly alongside the business. By having existing clients, prospective clients and leads for other clients, it’s important to be able to categorise these and prioritise them.

By investing in a help desk ticketing system, all departments can be easily integrated to offer a more seamless and efficient experience when there are several departments in the business.

How Does a Help Desk Ticketing System Work?

Now we’ve answered what exactly is a help desk ticketing system, I’m sure you’re intrigued to know how it works.

Seamless Online Management

Our help desk ticketing system comes with a variety of features to allow for efficient online management:

  1. Sophisticated dashboard reporting giving complete overview and control for senior and board level management, allowing for the quick resolution of tickets and workflow management.
  2. Create individual tasks within tickets and assign them to specific staff members.
  3. Easily communicate with other staff and other departments within and outside the team, and with the person who created the ticket.
  4. The ability to log time worked and costs, as well as the ability to upload documents and media files.

Completely Customisable

Our help desk ticketing system can be completely customised – by setting up specific permission groups, you can group users that can have access to certain types of tasks and campaigns with custom permissions.

As well as this, we provide consultation and development of a bespoke organisational compliance task database structure and the initial set up of user account permissions and any imports from existing systems.

Why Do You Need a Help Desk Ticketing System?

1. Prioritise Key Tasks

Having a help desk ticketing system helps prioritise key tasks and work through them by priority. By having tasks in one centralised place and categorising them by department, it allows for easier insight into what each department and employee is doing and what needs to be done.

2. Scale Alongside Your Business

By using different multiple software all housing different tasks and departments, it can hurt your business once it starts expanding. Investing in a dedicated software ensures your systems are equipped to expand with the business.

3. Track Time Spent on Projects

With a help desk ticketing system and powerful task management, businesses are able to show time spent on projects and are able to analyse campaigns.

4. Boost Productivity

If tasks are difficult to find or there are too many systems to dig through, it can have an impact on productivity. If staff are spending far longer than they should to find assigned tasks.

Give Our Help Desk Ticketing Software a Try

When purchasing our powerful task management system with intuitive help desk ticketing and reporting of key tasks, you also receive our internal communication system along with it. Coupling task management with internal communication provides a means of seamless and more efficient working without barriers.

Book a demo with us to reap all the benefits of the software and take your business to the next level.