Keep Connected with Internal Communication Software

For any organisation that operates with more than one employee, communication is a key aspect and is regularly cited as a significant problem and a big challenge within a business. This is where our internal communication software comes in.

Communication or lack of can cause miscommunication within the business which can also affect productivity, and morale and not to mention can lead to reduced operational inefficiency and potentially, catastrophic mistakes.

Internal Communication Software Brings a Smarter Way To Communicate

An effective internal communication system is designed to give you a range of powerful tools to communicate with your staff effectively, taking advantage of all modern communication technology to keep everyone in the loop.

Whether you’re conducting a business-wide staff satisfaction survey, organising the Christmas party, launching a new initiative, closing the office in an emergency or simply need to tell Dave to return the laptop he borrowed, we’ve got you covered.

We believe good communication is critical in any organisation, communication options are integrated into many of the Compliance Pod applications. Our internal communication system is included in all packages.

Communicate with your staff instantly, choosing the most effective method to suit your needs with an internal communication system.

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Communicate with your staff instantly, choosing the most effective method to suit your needs with internal communication software.

  • With internal communication software, send personalised individual and group messages to staff instantly via text, in-app or email
  • You can create as many messaging accounts and concurrent inboxes as you like to allow you to have different accounts (virtual mobile numbers) for specific locations, departments or functions
  • Enable or disable replies as required
  • When sending short-form messages, Compliance Pod automatically detects if a member of staff is a Compliance Pod App user and can send a free in-app message
  • Messaging groups are automatically created for locations, departments and roles with the ability to create an unlimited number of custom messaging groups
  • Full audit trail of all communications
Make collecting information from your staff, quick and easy, significantly reducing costly administration time with our intuitive internal communication system.

  • Quickly and easily create digital, online forms and surveys
  • Select from the open text, drop-down, multiple choice answers and more
  • Distribute to staff as a link via text, in-app message or email
  • Monitor responses with the option to send chase-up messages to those who haven’t responded
  • Easily collate and analyse response data within the system
  • Export completed form data to CSV to analyse in other systems as needed

Distribute documents and other dynamic content to staff and easily publish on websites and intranets.

  • Utilising our Microsite technology, you can quickly and easily create mini websites
  • Microsites are branded with your logo and colour scheme
  • Microsites can host anything from a single PDF document to collections of documents, embedded videos, HTML content and links to external content
  • Once created, the link to a Microsite can be sent to staff via text, in-app or email, allowing you to distribute documents and information quickly and easily
  • Links to microsites can also be built into websites and intranets, allowing you to publish them

Keep Connected On the Go with Internal Communication Software 

Keeping connected just got that much easier. Our internal communication system is conveniently available on a range of platforms at your leisure, whether you’re working in the office, on your desktop or on the go on your mobile, we ensure you’re kept in the loop.

The functionality available in our internal communication system is no different whether you’re viewing it on mobile, desktop or tablet. Perfect for remote workers, on-site workers and keeping an open line of communication between departments, review our compliance management mobile app for your business.

Why Do You Need Internal Communication Software?

Open Channel for Communication Between Employees and Management

Improve Engagement

Provide a More Comprehensive View of your Organisation

By providing an open channel for communication, employees are given the opportunity to more freely share their ideas, any concerns they may have, or praise other employees. By using internal communication software, management is able to find out information otherwise off-limits to them.

Engagement is the key to a happy and successful workforce, leading to more passionate workers and creating more meaningful results. By asking questions, asking for input or feedback from employees, it can help them to realise their voice is heard and their opinions matter – creating an inclusive and positive working environment.

An internal communication system provide a means of open communication between management and employees, and not just that, but between departments. Departments that may not ordinarily have a need to speak to are able to share their experiences and current workload with other departments, ensuring that all employees are able to offer an integrated service.

Quicker Response Times

Crisis Control

Unified Company Goals

While an exec may be too busy to respond to an email or compile a report, they’re able to quickly and effectively answer yes or no to a simple in-app message via the mobile app. Cutting out the middleman, and having shorter approval chains, are key to efficiency and delivering quicker and more personalised customer service.

An integrated internal communication approach can ensure fewer mistakes, more collaborative working and more control in the case of a crisis. By putting internal communication software in place, it provides organisations with easier implementation of both short-term and long-term communication strategies to manage and minimise risk.

By improving internal communication within the organisation, goals, messages, and brand information can be passed down and taught more effectively. Through creating a clear and simple channel of communication between management and staff, it is much easier to push certain goals and provide an integrated, unified service to customers.

Who Could Benefit From Internal Communication Software?




Providing an integrated and collaborative experience for customers is often met with challenges. With improved internal communication companies are able to effectively communicate between departments and provide up-to-date information.

With construction workers busy working on-site and office staff typing away in the office, it’s difficult to establish a clear line of communication between the two. Our software provides a simple and quick means of communication, to provide business updates, quick messages and more between off-site and on-site workers.

Similarly to e-Commerce, providing a means of simple communication between shop workers and office staff to push certain incentives, keep a log of sales, and ask questions to provide a better understanding of products is essential.

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