Compliance Pod Platform

Because we come from a software background, we understand the industry and how it works. We understand the need for improved internal communication, and managing of governance risk compliance – so we’re here to help you to take control. 

Our fully integrated compliance management software is designed to bring real value to your business through automation, improved communication and more control.


The Compliance Pod platform is hosted on a private, secure server – with an intuitive, fully-responsive User Interface (UI), accessible via any internet-enabled device. The solution operates 2 Factor Authentication via email and text and supports Office365 and Google single sign-on.

We offer the option to host the database on your own servers if that is your preference, and we can plug into Azure or Amazon as required. Web files will always be hosted on our private servers.

custom permissions screen

A Tailored Experience

All of our Compliance Pod products have the capacity to be customised to a user-specific level, set up the security group permissions to allow your users to have the right access for the role in hand. 

You can also override any group settings on a user-by-user basis, allowing for full and complete control over your staff, tailoring the experience for the rest set of tasks.

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2 Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication introduces a safer and more secure way of logging in. 

Through the user providing two different authentication factors to verify themselves, users are able to better protect their credentials and the resources they have available to them.

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2fa screen
compliance management mobile app screen

On The Move

We understand that work doesn’t just happen in the office anymore, and some issues need to be urgently addressed. 

Our fully-intuitive compliance mobile management app allows you to do just that, with all the benefits of a mobile app and that comes with all the functionality of the web application.

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Single Sign-On

If your organisation utilises Office 365 or Google single sign-on, your staff will be able to log into Compliance Pod using their organisational username and password, no need to remember another one.

Our compliance platform provides a fast and secure way to login with single sign-on. So, whether your organisation utilises Office 365 or Google single-sign-on, your staff will be able to log in with just one username password, no need to remember another one.

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White Label

Compliance Pod is a fully customisable ‘White Label’ solutions that allow you to easily re-brand both the online platform and mobile app in line with your organisation’s brand guidelines. 

Our integrated applications work to fill in the gaps of your business, understanding your needs and offering the right solution for the job.

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