Boost Productivity With Task Management Software

Efficiently manage, record and report on any non-scheduled or reactive tasks with our task management software. Highly flexible, can fulfill a wide range of functions including, IT helpdesk, facilities helpdesk, plant repair log, ad-hoc inspections including H&S risk assessments and much more. 

Despite its flexibility, there is no compromise on functionality, an online portal for reporting faults as well as unlimited email inboxes, sophisticated task categorisation options and KPI monitoring with powerful management oversight and reporting tools.

Powerful Insight Into Your KPIs

Organisations use KPIs or (key performance indicators) at many levels to judge performance and evaluate the success of reaching targets. Our KPI management system works with both high- and low-level indicators, ranging from overall business goals to marketing activity performance.

Integrated with high-level task management, task categorisation and a holistic view of the management and reporting of tasks, our task management software provides an overall insight into your business and can highlight areas of strength and weakness.

Coupled With Powerful Communication

When purchasing our powerful task management system with intuitive management and reporting of key tasks, you also receive our internal communication system along with it. Coupling task management with internal communication provides a means of seamless and more efficient working without barriers.

Gone are the days of having to wait for answers in order to progress, everything you could possibly need is just a click away.

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Online Management & Reporting

  • Easy to set up but sophisticated RAG reporting for specific inboxes, categories, priorities, teams, and individual technicians 
  • Highly configurable and sophisticated dashboard reporting for operational and board-level management, giving you total minute by minute oversight and control, allowing you to quickly drill into and resolve issues by site, team and individual. Each ticket acts as an independent workflow management tool, allowing assigned staff to:
  • Create individual tasks within each ticket and assign them to different staff 
  • Communicate with other technicians or other staff both within and outside the team 
  • Communicate with the person who raised the ticket 
  • Log time worked and costs 
  • Upload documents and media files 
  • Manage authorisation for certain actions such as procurement
  • Tickets can be linked to specific assets, enabling those utilising the Asset Manager application to see reactive task tickets, both opened and closed, relating to that asset (full access to the ticket info only available to those with permission to access the inbox)  
  • Configure an unlimited number and variety of Reactive Task Rules to programme automated actions such as sending email alerts to management or moving tickets to different inboxes if tickets are open for a specific period 
  • The access to, and visibility of, each inbox can be controlled by a combination of region, site, department, team and/or individual allowing complete flexibility to accommodate the way your organisation is structured
  • Tickets can also be automatically generated and allocated in response to scheduled Compliance Tasks and inspections, linking testing and inspection seamlessly with required remedial actions – requires the governance risk compliance task system
  • Create as many reactive task Inboxes as you need, each with its own configurable ticket statuses, categories, priorities, reporting criteria, KPIs/SLAs and data fields
  • Staff and students can raise tickets for each inbox via email, a configurable General Access Ticket microsite (online portal) or by contacting an administrator who can raise a ticket from within the online system or via the mobile app 
  • Ticket microsites can also incorporate self-help guides which prompt staff to complete basic troubleshooting before allowing them to raise a ticket (a good example for IT tickets is to require staff to confirm they have checked their device is plugged in and have tried turning it off and on before raising a ticket)  

We appreciate that every organisation faces a set of unique challenges and this must be reflected in the service plan. Our aim is to ensure that we create an implementation plan that best suits you. Available task management services include:

  • Consultation and development of a bespoke organisational compliance task database structure
  • Initial set up of user account permissions and compliance task data import from existing systems
  • Bespoke, organisation specific user training programme
  • On-site and/or online user training
  • Ongoing support, training and guidance – provided by a dedicated customer support team in the UK, at the end of a phone whenever you need them, no irritating online chat

Customised To Your Needs

Our task management software has the ability to be completely customised, down to a user-specific level. By setting up certain permission groups you can segment users that are able to have access to certain tasks and campaigns. 

We offer the ability to add custom permissions to ensure that key members of staff are privy to certain tasks and others aren’t, to minimise interruption and ensure the security of important information.

Why Do You Need Improved Task Management?

Track Time Spent on Projects

Track Time Spent on Projects

Prioritisation of Key Tasks

By investing in powerful task management software businesses are able to paint a picture of time spent on each project and which brought the best results. Allowing such as marketing executives to analyse campaigns, what went right, what could be improved to inform future projects.

By investing in powerful task management software businesses are able to paint a picture of time spent on each project and which brought the best results. Allowing such as marketing executives to analyse campaigns, what went right, what could be improved to inform future projects.

By inputting all tasks in one central place and segmenting by department, project, roles etc. it’s easier to gain an insight into exactly what each employee is doing and needs to do. This helps to prioritise key tasks and work through tasks in an orderly fashion.

Boost Productivity

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Easy To Adapt and Scale As Your Business Grows

Productivity can be a big problem in business, if tasks are too hard to find or there are too many moving parts it can quickly eat away at the motivation of employees. The time staff spent struggling to find key tasks could be better used for implementing these tasks and organising their diaries around deadlines.

By providing the ability to access data from anywhere, keep an eye across all tasks, collaborate on team projects more easily this can only work to expand your offering for your clients. Providing a service that is personalised, informed and consistent.

By using multiple software housing different tasks and responsibilities it can hurt the business’s ability to expand. Investing in dedicated task management software ensures that your internal systems are equipped to expand seamlessly alongside the business.

Who Could Benefit From Task Management Software?

Marketing Departments

Sales Teams

Website Developers

There are many departments that could benefit from task management software, however, the marketing department is a vital part of attracting and retaining new business and requires intuitive software to habilitate this. 

Through managing numerous marketing channels, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing in a central hub, you are able to generate KPIs for not only each channel but each campaign.

Alongside the marketing department, the sales team are another integral part of the business and as such also need intricate software to accommodate their efforts.

By having existing clients, prospective clients, hot and cold leads it’s important to be able to segment these activities and prioritise them accordingly.

By investing in a task management system for your business, all areas can be easily integrated to provide a more seamless experience when working with numerous departments. 

The role of website developers are a large part of ensuring the efficiency of both online channels and internal software, and with that comes tickets from customers and internal staff. Recording these tasks, being able to prioritise, order and work through is an invaluable asset.

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