Sophisticated Compliance Task Management

A sophisticated solution to schedule, manage and report on all compliance tasks, cyclical maintenance and inspections across an organisation’s facilities and operation. A critical system to ensure all compliance tasks are completed and can be clearly evidenced.

Our GRC software is significantly enhanced by combining task management and asset management, which provide a holistic view with complete insight into the inner workings of your organisation.

Be Confident in Your Compliance

Our governance risk compliance software is designed with implementing a wider business strategy in mind, our system is able to give comprehensive oversight into risk management and compliance.

Tackle all your risk and compliance head-on with our dedicated GRC software that ties task management, quality compliance, and risk management all in one place. For businesses with endless processes and policies, a system designed to track and manage these can be invaluable.

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What is GRC Software?

Governance, risk and compliance software or ‘GRC’ software is an organisation’s strategy for managing governance, enterprise risk management and compliance in accordance with regulatory requirements.

GRC is a strategic implementation of aligning IT with companies goals while maintaining compliance and managing risk effectively. Our GRC software provides a holistic view of your business, highlighting areas of strength and weakness to help you plan accordingly.


The G in GRC stands for governance, this essentially covers all the processes that cover a businesses resources and actions, providing a means to cover what would otherwise be rather large and detailed without the proper attention.

By implementing a dedicated GRC system for your business, your governance can be effectively managed to delegate responsibilities to key members. Governance also details the relationship with the stakeholders, noting the responsibilities, rights and rewards.

Risk Management

When looking at risk management it’s quite an inclusive term that has numerous meanings, however, when a part of GRC, risk management takes on the role of reviewing and mitigating risk associated with the business.

Governance Risk Compliance software enables you to effectively monitor and manage risk in every aspect of your business, organisation goals, stakeholders, operating within a legal and ethical manner amongst a host of other benefits. By eliminating or limiting risk your business is more reliably able to grow.


The definition of compliance in a business context is as follows: the act of obeying an order, rule, or request. To be compliant within your business you will have to comply with all the laws, regulations, standards and ethical practices that apply to your organisation.

This covers a wide percentage of your business as it encompasses the majority of processes and policies, such as best hiring practices, HR, R&D, probation etc.

Being compliant isn’t a simple task and often requires its own role to manage successfully. Our quality compliance system is able to effectively manage and enforce compliance within your organisation.

Why Do You Need GRC Software?


Save Time & Resources

Simplify Complex Issues

By ensuring that compliance has been correctly implemented with the proper responsibilities, processes and procedures the business is able to ensure that the inner workings of the business can run more smoothly. With more efficiency and less ‘putting out fires’ your business can clearly convey this to stakeholders and generate a better ROI as a result.

Our GRC software is able to automate a lot of the tasks that would take tremendous amounts of time and be subject to human error. By investing in quality compliance, your business is able to spend less time on minute tasks that bring no real benefit and concentrate on ways to grow the business.

Governance, risk management and compliance have never been simple. Not to track, not to manage and not to comply with. Until now, our dedicated GRC software takes complex processes, policies and simply delegates roles, responsibilities and helps you simply and effectively be compliant.

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Personalised Experience

Unlike other software on the market, Compliance Pod provides product demos, giving you the ability to trial the software before you decide to buy. Experience data at your fingertips, smart communication and automation all within a responsive, intuitive application.

Audits can be a dreaded time, costing lots and money and chaos just to show evidence that you are compliant. However, with our compliance task management software businesses are able to effectively process both internal and external audits with ease. All documentation can be stored and hosted within our private servers to keep private data secure.

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised environment to our users, and as such all of our applications are white label. Each and every one of our products can be tailored to your brand colours, replace the logo with your own. Alongside branding, permissions are easily configured on a specific user basis, ensuring only those who need it have access.

Why Could Benefit From GRC Software?




Through monitoring, managing and reporting on key compliance metrics, a complicated industry such as finance becomes less like a chore, and more like a leisurely stroll. Our quality compliance system enables finance operations to effectively balance cost structure with operational risk to create a more efficient and cost-effective ship.

Compliance within IT is almost never ending, with updates in software, hardware and managing both internal and external systems. Our GRC software ensures that all your compliance tasks are clearly logged, managed and reported on in a way that works for your business.

Operations can expand across the entirety of the business and can have a lot of moving parts. The struggle is to manage customer value and service effectively while limiting the required cost. Our quality compliance software enables you to gain an understanding of what is costing you money, what is working, what isn’t and where you can make cuts, and improvements.

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