Digital Asset Management You Can Rely On

An asset management software helps organisations monitor and manage their assets using a systematised approach. Managed effectively, there are many benefits of digital asset management including improvements to productivity and efficiency, which places an organisation in a better position to increase its return on investment.

For an asset management plan to be effective, it needs to be supported by an asset management system with the capabilities to monitor and maintain anything of value to a business – both tangible and intangible.

Digital Asset Management Providing Insight Into the Management of Your Assets

By working across an organisation’s departments, locations and facilities; assets such as buildings/premises, vehicles, tools, equipment, IT infrastructure, documents and supplier contracts can be reviewed and managed efficiently from one central point.

Such collaborative working enables an organisation to reduce overall capital expenditure and operating expenditure relating to its assets.

The aim of our asset management system is to enable organisations to manage the movement, maintenance and life cycle of all their assets, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Highly flexible digital asset management software that can be applied to manage any type of asset, in any organisation.

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Digital Asset Management and Reporting

  • Tangible/Fixed Assets/PP&E: buildings & premises, plant & machinery, IT equipment, network infrastructure, vehicles, tools & other mobile equipment, furniture and any other tangible, physical item you want to manage
  • Intangible Assets: commercial contracts, service agreements, software licences, certifications, warranties, insurance policies, building plans and disaster recovery plans
  • Pre-configured with common asset types and relevant data collection fields
  • Total flexibility to add/remove asset types and data collection fields to suit your specific needs with currency, free text, date and drop-down data collection field options
  • Professional consultation is available to configure the system to meet your specific needs and if required, we can do all the work for you to design a totally bespoke database structure for your organisation
  • Web-based, easily accessible, highly configurable, fully responsive management and reporting system
  • Unlimited number of user accounts, with variable access rights controlled via the Compliance Pod platform
  • Access your asset management software anytime, anywhere, from any device

Asset Tagging

  • QR asset tags, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Provides a reliable identifier, and allows quick and simple smartphone scanning
  • Inexpensive, effective tagging solution

Mobile App

  • Our asset management software utilises our compliance management mobile app to scan asset tags and update information on the move
  • Access, search and retrieve asset information and documents stored in your asset register from your smartphone
  • Capture and attach photos and videos of your assets or locations from your smartphone
  • Quick asset audits

Advanced Reporting

  • Powerful reporting tools featured in our asset management system allow you to create a wide range of customised reports from all data stored in the database, if you collect it, you can report on it
  • Reports are updated daily, or on-demand, and can be easily exported in multiple formats
  • Powerful, operational and management reporting at all levels across your organisation with digital asset management

Document Uploads with Asset Management Software

  • Digital asset management software allows you to upload in a wide range of formats, and attach documents to asset records, great for contracts, manuals, service records and licences
  • Our digital asset management software allows for accessing key documents quickly and easily, wherever you are

Pictures & Video storage

  • Allows quick and easy photo and video upload, storage and access
  • Digital asset management software creates a visual record/audit relating to your assets and locations
  • Create instructional videos for maintaining equipment
  • Great for insurance claims, condition surveys and asset loans

Import/Export tools

  • A variety of tools to upload data from existing asset registers and other systems
  • Ability to add/edit bulk assets, saving loads of time
  • Export data and reports in a wide range of formats delivering friction-less transfer of data between systems

Service Delivery

We appreciate that every organisation faces a set of unique challenges and this must be reflected in the service plan. Our aim is to ensure that we create an implementation plan that best suits you. Available services with our asset management system include:

  • Consultation and development of a bespoke organisational asset database structure
  • Initial set up of user account permissions and asset data import from existing systems
  • Asset data collection and tagging services
  • Bespoke, organisation-specific user training programme
  • On-site and/or online user training
  • Ongoing support, training and guidance – provided by a dedicated customer support team in the UK, at the end of a phone whenever you need them, no irritating online chat

Digital Asset Management Anywhere, Anytime

Tracking your assets just got that much easier. Our asset management system is available on a host of responsive and fully-intuitive platforms, whether you’re working from a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet we ensure you’re fully connected.

There’s no difference between our asset management software on mobile or desktop. All the functionality you would have at your desk you can take with you on the go.

Combine with other Applications for More Power

Our digital asset management software is particularly powerful when combined with our task management system and our compliance task management software. Reactive maintenance/repair, planned preventative maintenance/servicing and compliance inspections/activities always relate to assets.

By combining these three systems within the same platform, data can be linked and all planned maintenance and faults can be recorded against assets and locations. This allows incredibly powerful management, reporting and more integrated operation.

The Benefits of Digital Asset Management

Greater Accuracy

Improve Compliance

Minimise Waste

With in-depth asset management, you can attest greater accuracy of your data when investigating assets. Since assets are checked on a regular basis, it’s important to ensure that this data is correct, as one wrong listing can soon start to cause problems further down the line.

Companies are required to record how assets are acquired, utilised and disposed of. This record needs to be comprehensive and without the use of asset management software can eat up a large amount of time. With our software, simply export your data, it’s that simple.

By implementing an asset management strategy this will allow your business to gain complete oversight into the utilisation, acquisition and disposal of key assets. By looking more closely into the data, companies are able to identify areas where assets are wasted and fix this to ensure assets are utilised to their fullest potential before disposal.

Closer Management Of Risk

While risk is accompanied by most areas of business, by adopting an asset management process the risk associated with the utilisation and ownership of key assets can be reduced. By identifying and managing these risks with digital asset management, businesses are able to effectively combat any issues that may arise.

Asset Management

While management of your assets is the obvious benefit of implementing an asset management system, the ability to track, locate, manage and disposal of assets is invaluable. Being able to recover assets, and manage them more effectively ensures businesses bottom line is in the green.

Greater Service

If your business relies on assets being in tip-top shape for customers and distributors alike, management of these assets is a vital necessity that shouldn’t be overlooked. By implemented an asset management strategy, companies are able to manage their assets more effectively, knowing when to bring them in for repair and overall maintain products to a higher degree.

Who Could Benefit From Asset Management Software?

IT Asset Management

Our asset management software provides greater management into the acquisition, utilisation and disposal for IT equipment. With GDPR weighing down on every industry, IT especially, it provides peace of mind to be able to record and show the management of assets.

Equipment Asset Management

Being able to know the whereabouts of equipment is key in preventing loss, damage, or over-utilisation of said equipment. We provide digital asset management software to enable businesses to effectively track and manage their equipment and minimise loss.

Facility Asset Management

Proactively manage your assets within your facility with our dedicated asset management system. Maintain an accurate inventory of key assets, provide visibility to management and other key personnel, and link assets to people to track ownership of key equipment.

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