Tracking The Progress Of Your Employee’s Training Has Never Been Easier

In any type of organisation, it is very important to keep track of staff training, CPD, licenses and certifications. This is an ongoing process which can be difficult to manage. In many large or compliance heavy organisations, it is a full-time job for which a devoted employee or even department is required. In smaller organisations, it is one of many tasks an office manager, department manager or general manager must add to their to-do list.

In many roles, staff can’t legally do their job if they don’t have up to date qualifications and whilst they may know how to complete a task, if the correct piece of paperwork isn’t in place, it represents a significant compliance risk to allow them to continue working. It is therefore very important to ensure that qualifications and licences are never allowed to expire.

Ensure Compliance, Satisfaction and Productivity 

Managing qualifications can be a particularly acute challenge if your organisation provides wide-ranging, skilled services to customers operating in different controlled environments. When a new job comes in, identifying which staff are suitably qualified and available when the customer wants them can be a time consuming and laborious process if you don’t have a good system in place.

In addition to ensuring compliance, if your staff training programme is well planned and organised you ensure that you are continuously developing your staff, leading to improved overall organisational capability, staff satisfaction and productivity.

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The Compliance Pod employee training management system has been developed to provide organisations with a powerful yet easy to use solution for managing all aspects of their training.

  • Easily create records for all your staff and set required, optional and desired qualifications for each role
  • When adding qualifications record valid from – to dates
  • Upload digital copies of licences and certifications to the system so that all documentation is in one place and can be accessed by both management and employees via the online system or mobile app
  • Create records for training providers, including bulk upload options, detailing available courses, dates and costs
  • Schedule both internal and external training sessions on a course calendar
  • Flexible management reporting allows you to identify skills gaps, staff qualifications due to expire soon and those currently expired
  • Use the powerful skill search to quickly find staff suitably qualified to carry out a specific task or job for a customer
  • Managers have access to all the training records for their direct reports and indirect reports allowing them to easily monitor and report on the training of the staff in their team, department or division

Manage Training On The Go

Utilising the powerful online and mobile infrastructure provided by the Compliance Pod mobile app platform, the training management software delivers an integrated training solution that allows everyone from Senior Management to individual members of staff to ensure training is well managed and effective.

Why Do You Need Improved Employee Training Management?

Improved Operational Efficiency

By automating the tracking and reporting of training, it frees up more time for the more important tasks. The training management system can be integrated with other Compliance Pod applications to create a more holistic view of the business, such as our asset management software and policy management software.

Track and Report Efforts

Our employee training management system provides a real-time solution to managing and reporting on current training needs and progress.

A training management system can be integral to tracking the road to employees certification, as well as internal qualifications.

Encourage Staff To Train Further

By having such a system in place and putting the time and proper investment into recording training, it may encourage employees to search for further training opportunities.

This, in turn, will help educate your workforce to be more in tune with current teachings, new standards and more aware of how theory and implementation work together.

Retain Staff and Maintain Loyalty

Similar to encouraging staff, by implementing such software will help to retain staff and maintain loyalty by sending the message that you care about both their personal and business growth.

By creating better working relationships with employees this, in turn, will work to improve turnover rates.

Improved Overall Communication

One of the biggest incentives for businesses to encourage employees to train further is for them to become better at their job.

Most qualifications teach improved communication as a means to become a better leader, managing these processes and supporting the growth can only be a good thing for your business.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Some job requires certain qualifications in order to do that job, and if they don’t have it they need to prove that it is being worked towards.

By implementing employee training management software all the pain of tracking and reporting on the development is severely reduced. Our software helps you to be legally compliant and minimise risk for the organisation.

Who Could Benefit From Training Management Software?

Medium To Large Corporations



Larger corporations have to deal with the most policies, management of key documents and reporting as they have a far larger amount of staff compared to smaller organisations.

Investing in a dedicated training management system can prove invaluable to minimise risk, improve efficiency and ensure compliance.

Accountants need numerous qualifications to do what they do, alongside learning and training themselves on different qualities and software.

Be able to track your employee’s training through accountancy courses, banking qualifications, financial services, wealth management, financial planning and bookkeeping.

Qualifications within the IT industry are vital in proving not only the ability to do the job but be compliant to certain information security requirements.

Track the progress to becoming ISO 9000 accredited, as well as individually track employee’s training for PCI QSA, MCITP and much more.

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