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Create, Edit and Manage Custom Permissions 

Custom permissions allow your business to assign the right people, the right permissions. Naturally, all of our Compliance Pod products have the ability to be customised to a user-specific level. 

Set up the security group permissions to allow your users to have the right access for the role in hand. This can completely remove the problems of members of staff having access to files and data that they shouldn’t.

Custom permissions can be assigned on a group level for simplicity, or for can be overridden to provide custom permissions on an individual user-by-user basis. Allowing for full and complete control over your staff, tailoring the experience for the right set of tasks.

Discover A Tailored Experience

Whether you’re managing access to policies and procedures, compliance tasks, task management or as a general overview, it can be essential that the right people are assigned the right permissions to do so.

Each Compliance Pod product provides the ability to enable custom permissions for users, creating a convenient and intuitive system for managing permissions. This can be managed from the mobile app or desktop platform seamlessly.

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Why Do You Need Custom Permissions?

Free To Trial


White Label

All of our Compliance Pod products are free to trial, that’s right. If you’re on the market for a means to settle your compliance queries, Compliance Pod is here to help and it’s completely free to try out. Book a demo today.

While certain documents and policies can be seen by everyone, there’s certain information that should only be privy to those with relevant permissions. We provide custom permissions to ensure confidential documents, are kept just that.

On top of providing custom permissions for users, all of our Compliance Pod products are also fully white-label – providing an intuitive, personalised experience while you manage your compliance needs.

Who Could Benefit From Custom Permissions?


Client-facing Businesses

Organisations That Hold Sensitive Data

Custom permissions are a valuable asset to any and every business that requires it. Keep disclosed documents confidential, ensure that management assign tasks and permissions to the relevant people.

As a client-facing organisation, staff members are bombarded with information from different clients, customer service problems, CRM data, the lot. Custom permissions provide a mean to filter out the noise and only provide essential information to members of staff.

Keeping your data safe is at the top of the list of most businesses goals. To keep data safe from outside guests is one thing, but ensuring that any internal employee also cannot have access to important information is just as important.